Headstones are usually what families think of when they begin considering a memorial for their loved one. With the latest in memorial technology, we can assist you in creating a unique and personal memorial that will tell your loved one’s story in stone for decades to come.

You will see as you browse through our website that there are many sizes, shapes, colors, and purpose to consider in order to make the final decision that’s right for you. Each tab will focus on exhibiting a number of variations to help you better understand your options. There are many extra’s that can be added to assist in the process of telling your story on the memorial.

Epitaphs are the sayings that people often place on headstones. At Atchison Monuments we recognize the difficulty in creating a saying that represents exactly how you feel about a loved one’s life. When you sit down with your design consultant ask for a list to look over so you can choose one of them or gain ideas of your own.

We can customize the shape you envision, or you can choose from our wide array of examples available inside our store.

We’ve listed some examples here for you:

  • Traditional upright
    • Flat Top Headstone
    • Serpentine Top Headstone
  • Motorcycle shape
  • Heart shape
    • Single Heart
    • Double Heart
  • Circle
  • Moon shape
  • Mountain shape
  • Angel shape
  • Teddy Bear shape


There are many colors in the industry to choose from. The colors vary in price.

We have listed color categories here for you:

  • Pinks
  • Blacks
  • Grays
  • Reds

and some colors you’ve never heard of before


In addition to all of those choices, there are different polishes to consider:

  • Front and back polish only
  • Front, back, and top polish only
  • All polished…Front, back, top, and sides


We understand that each person has their own idea or purpose for their purchase. Some people require memorials to hold cremated remains, or they require a simple flat granite pad with enough space for a military bronze plaque to be placed on it. Some people are placing designed headstones, marking the final place of rest for a burial.

Additional things to consider would be the design of your memorial. It can be anything you want it to be. You have
many options to choose from. You can sit down with your own personal consultant, inside our store, who will achieve exactly what you want.

Some of the options available are:

  • Sandblast Artwork
  • Laser Etching Artwork (You can bring in pictures that we can laser onto stone or use one of our beautiful scene’s)
  • Ceramic Pictures (Color or Black & White, for placement on the stone)
  • NFC chips attached to your ceramic pictures for an online memorial that can be accessed from a cell phone or tablet within 12 inches of the gravestone
  • Statuette’s
  • Vases
  • Plaques


So browse through all the things you want to see and come in to visit with your own personal consultant who will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve the perfect memorial for you or your loved one.